Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

When it comes to your business or brand, it is easy to talk about growing your profitability. But the reality is that it is much more difficult to turn that talk into action.

At ONEOUT Creative we assist small businesses and professional individuals to focus on the core strategies that have the biggest impact on growth and long term sustainability. We assist with providing answers to key business questions such as:

  • Who are your existing and potential target customers?
  • What do they want?
  • How do you attract / retain them?
  • What are your current marketing strategies and what does, doesn't and could work?

When all the answers are established, we focus on creating a strong marketing campaign to help grow your brand and achieve your marketing objectives. Our marketing strategy service provides small businesses with a cohesive combination of;

  • Targeting: To whom are you going to market your products and services?
  • Positioning: How are you going to differentiate yourself from competitors (USP)?
  • Product/Service Attributes: What attributes/features will the product/service have?
  • Marketing Communications: How are you going to reach the target and with what message?
  • Pricing: What price will you charge your target market?
  • Distribution: What channels will you use to sell the product or service?
  • Customer Service: How will you manage additional customer needs?

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current marketing plan and strategies. Contact us today to dicsuss how we can effectively market your business and help grow your brand!


Our 5 Step Marketing Strategy Process


Understanding the market climate as well as marketing strengths and weaknesses.
We conduct extensive research on the industry you compete in. On top of conducting a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Strengths) Analysis for your business, we also look at a range of variables which determine what your business as well as current players in the market are successfully doing, not doing and could be doing.


Develop a Marketing Strategy (The What).
Your marketing strategy is an explanation of the goals you need to achieve with your marketing efforts. Your marketing strategy is shaped by your business goals. Your business goals and your marketing strategy should go hand-in-hand.


Develop a Marketing Plan (The How).
Your marketing plan is how you are going to achieve those marketing goals. It's the application of your strategy a roadmap that will guide you from one point to another.


Implement the plan.
Once your marketing strategy and plan is finalised you are then ready to put that plan into action. We provide you with the best information and tools to go out and implement your plans to achieve your strategic goals. It's also good to know that our expert advice and professional help is only a phone call or email away.


Monitor the success of the plan.
We'll also provide you with measurable and tangible tools to analyse, monitor and track the results of your plan being put into action.

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