eNewsletter Design and Distribution

Harness the power and effectiveness of eNewsletters. Use them to work for your business to generate more sales and a stronger brand appeal.

We help set up small businesses with an effective and affordable eNewsletter system so that they can easily promote their goods, services and other relevant messages to their customers. Our "Create, Grow and Track" method helps business to see the true value in using eNewsletters as a marketing and database gathering tool.

Our approach to getting small businesses set up with an eNewsletter system is so affordable and easy that we believe it's the best service in the market. Here's what you can expect from our eNewsletter Design and Distribution service;

  • We sign you up to an eNewsletter platform that over 3 million people use today
  • If you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month absolutely FREE. Otherwise there are very affordable pricing plans you can choose from which will suit your requirements and budget.
  • NO sign up fees or expiring trial
  • NO contracts or credit card required
  • NO future payments to us when you sign up
  • You own 100% of the account, all content and the database you gather
  • Full transparent service highlighting the benefits of the eNewsletter platform
  • Face-to-face, phone or online dedicated support and personalised service
  • Professional eNewsletter design, advice and customer service
  • An easy process from concept to completition
  • Locally owned and operated in Australia
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

12 Key Benefits Which Our eNewsletter Service Could Help You To Achieve


Increase awareness.
Your newsletter should give enough information to create awareness about what you are offering your customers. People should get a good idea of how it would be to deal with you, or to buy your products, so that when they leave, they will feel compelled to find out more.


Position your brand.
You should create the best first impression about your products or services on your newsletter. Customers tend to use your marketing and communication tools to form a impression of your business. Newsletters are an extremely strong marketing tool to differentiate businesses from one another.


To get more business from current clients.
A newsletter is an effective way to let clients know about your other services and show them how they can benefit from those services, without being to “pushy”.


To get repeat business from former clients.
People who used your services or bought your products once will purchase again–when they’re ready. An eNewsletter is a great way to stay in touch with them until they are.


Educate prospect customers.
A newsletter that provides prospective clients with valuable information helps them make better decisions, allows you to demonstrate your expertise and provides a mechanism for staying in touch with them until they are ready to hire you.


Generate new referrals through word-of-mouth
eNewsletters have pass-along value. A good eNewsletter will be shared with an average of three other people, even more online.


Build and grow your contact list.
You can offer visitors to your website a subscription to your newsletter in return for providing their email (and other contact information). When speaking or networking, you can offer to send your newsletter to people who provide you with their business card.


Establish expertise and credibility..
Your writing helps prospects, publishers, reporters, meeting planners, and referral sources see you as the expert you are.


Generate content and more traffic to your website.
Your newsletter can drive traffic to your web site or blog. Your eNewsletter content can be re-used as content on your web site or blog, generating additional traffic from search engines and social media.


Shorten the length of the sales process.
People who respond to your eNewsletter are better informed about what you do and pre-sold on your ability to do it, in contrast to people who come to you via advertising.


Opportunity to serve as a networking tool.
Your newsletter is a tool to reach out to other professionals. You can interview them for an article, conduct a survey, ask them to write an article, or ask permission to put them on your mailing list.


Add value to your services.
An eNewsletter can provide an added benefit for clients. Give clients “subscriptions” or added value to current services or discounts on products. Put a price tag on the eNewsletter but send it free to current clients.


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