Effective And Affordable Advertising Strategies for Small Businesses

These days there are more ways than ever before to advertise. As a small business how do you know what’s right for you? Because there is not one perfect option out there, we help you achieve your advertising goals through a measurable and integrated approach.

When it comes to small business advertising there are many factors you need to consider when creating a successful advertising campaign. Successful advertising involves making your products or services positively known by that section of the public most likely to purchase them. It should be a planned, consistent activity that keeps the name of your business and the benefits of your products or services uppermost in the mind of the consumer.

While there are many key elements to consider when thinking of how, where, why and what to advertise, our main objective when creating an advertising campaign for you is to increase your profit by increasing your overall sales.

From online Google Adwords and Display advertising to print adverts in your local newspaper or specialised magazine, we have both the marketing and design experience to create you a unique and appealing advertising campaign to tackle your customers head on.

At ONEOUT Creative, our advertising campaign services are focuses on print design and online advertising. Some of the various advertising work we have done for clients in the past ranges from;

  • Google Adwords advertising and online display advertising
  • Online (website) banner and website advertising
  • Promotional marketing, radio promotion (copy writing)
  • Outdoor advertising (i.e. billboards, building wraps, car advertising, flying banners)
  • Magazine advertising (niche, specific and industry targeted publications)
  • Print advertising (i.e. newspaper, brochures, point of sale materials)
  • Mail advertising (i.e. flyers, direct mail outs, customised mailouts and promotions)
  • Newsletters (online and print)
  • Online directories
  • Sponsorship proposals

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your current advertising plan and strategies. Contact us today to dicsuss how we can effectively promote your business and help grow your brand and sales!


Our 5 Step Advertising Strategy Process


What is your advertising aim?
What is the primary purpose of the advertisement? Is it to inform, sell, produce listings or improve the image of your business?


What is your target market?
Who is the target? What does your ideal customer's demographics and purchasing traits? From which sector of the public are you trying to achieve a response? For example; is it male, female, adult, teenager, child, mother, father etc.


What form of media will generate a return on investment.
Bearing the aim and target in mind, which of the media available to you is the most suitable – e.g. Google Adwords Advertising, Facebook Advertising, TV commercials, Print Adverts, Local Directory Listings?


Who are your competitors?
What are your competitors doing? Which media channel do they use? Are they successful? Can you improve on their approach and beat them in competition?


Create an effective campaign to achieve your advertising goals
Once you understand your advertising aim, target market, your competitors, and what media channels you will advertise in, you are set to go. We will then help you create an effective campaign that will deliver the following;

Attention: Is eye (or ear) catching and stands out from competing advertisements.

Interest: It arouses interest and delivers sufficient impact in the message or offering.

Desire: It creates a desire to learn more or crave ownership.

Action: It sparks an action which leads to achievement of the ad’s original objective – ie: it prompts potential customers to purchase or use your product or service.

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