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There are many elements you need to consider when desiging print or advertising marketing collateral. In today's world, having a "pretty" design piece doesn't cut it. We look at all the key elements required to design a successful piece of marketing collateral. These elements include;

  • What your advertising goal and aim is
  • What and who your target market is
  • How this design piece can generate a return on investment
  • Who your competitors are and what is required to give your design an edge over your competitors
  • Ensure your campaign is effective by designing your collateral so that it grabs people's attention, raises their interest, creates a desire to purchase and then compels them to take action and purchase your product or service.

Once the above elements have been considered and researched, we then put our design expertise into action and create you a beautiful piece of marketing collateral that not only you and your customers can be proud of, but delivers you results.

We have helped many small businesses with their advertising and print material. Some of the common advertising collateral which we have helped to design and organise printing for includes:

  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Corporate Envelopes
  • With Compliments Slips
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Flyers (DL size, A4, A5 and more)
  • Posters
  • Direct Mail Outs
  • Corporate Presentation Folders
  • Outdoor signage
  • Point of Sale (POS) materials and more…

Our 8 Step Graphic Design and Marketing Process for Advertising and Print Collateral


In order to increase the success rate of any communications message we divide potential customers into discrete groups so you know exactly who and what you are advertising to. We piece together an accurate picture of your customer and then look at how we can get their attention.


In-Depth Targeting.
This stage is crucial to getting your piece of marketing material right. As opposed to just creating a nice looking piece of marketing material, we conduct in-depth research of your target market. In order to ensure our customers get the best possible response rate, we look at how we can advertise the right message to the right segment in the market place. The methods we use make sure that we relate to your marketing plan objectives and work with your overall branding or sales goals.


Identify and provide advice for what other methods of marketing communcations could work best for your goals.
Areas we look at include:

  • Advertising (a mass media approach to promotion)
  • Sales promotion (price and money related communications)
  • Public relations (using the press to your advantage)
  • Personal selling (one to one communication with a potential buyer)
  • Direct Marketing (taking the message directly to the consumer)
  • Digital Marketing (utilising online marketing platforms to get your message to audiences locally and nationally)
Once all the options are explored, we then work with our customers to choose an effective and efficient option which will deliver the best results.


Ensure every piece of communication aids the customer through the purchase cycle.
It's vital that with every piece of communcative advertising piece we design for print that your customers know exactly how to reach you if they are intersted in purchasing your product or services.


Integrate all marketing communications.
Once you have decided which media channel to concentrate on, the next step is to ensure an integrated approach is taken. Regardless of whether you are promoting a new product or raising awareness, it's important that all ads across all media work together towards a common goal by using similar messaging and 'look and feel'. An integrated approach can dramatically increase the effectiveness of any campaign and will help create and reinforce your brand image.


Provide the ability to track the effectiveness of your marketing communications.
We provide options on how you can effectively measure the effectiveness of your marketing communication.


Positioning your message properly.
We make sure your message is clear, consise and has an impact. We ensure your marketing design has brand appeal, is positioned correctly to suit your target market and at the same time is consistent with your corporate identity and brand style.


Get creative, brainstorm and implement amazing design principles, techniques and styles to bring you something special.
Once we know whom you are targeting, what channel you want to advertise through and have a full understanding of your current market, competition your brand and styling, we combine all our research to get our design process underway. Our combination of marketing and graphic design experience helps to produce a fantastic marketing communication piece that you can now start to promote and get the results you deserve.

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